Platform Explorer Needs More Time…

So, it’s past October and Platform Explorer still isn’t done.  I had wanted to finish the game by LAST month.  It sucks that things haven’t worked out right for that.

In my defense, I did lose a week of time due to the Great Computer Failure of ’10.  But, I still thought that I was going to be able to create several more levels than the ones that I’ve completed.  To be honest, I thought that I’d be completely done with the levels but, am currently working at level 9.

With me being off about my timing AGAIN, I’m really, REALLY going to try to just make a simple sort of game next time.  I’m just a little tired of working on these sorts of longer projects.  Actually, I enjoy the process quite a lot and, if anything, I’d like to make games where I spent even MORE time.  But, given what the games are and the resources I have, it’s best for me to simplify things.

The one thing that I feel pretty good about is that I’m going to finish this goddamn game no matter what.  I’m already kind of sick of it, but, having a finished project is still better than an unfinished project.

In any case, I’m working hard to get it done but am very much looking forward to the next game.  I’m actually going to try pretty hard to find an actual pixel artist.  Hopefully, I manage to find one and things work out all right.

The real question is what game do I want to make next.  For a while, I thought that my next game was going to be a one button RPG.  I know that there’s already a one button RPG, but mine would be a bit different (actually, very different).  But, I’ve been meaning to make some sort of artsy game for a while.  I could make that as the next game instead.  It would really just depend on what the artist would want to do… I also came across an opportunity to make a mobile pokie games which is a pretty exciting opportunity, however I am somewhat concerned about the ethical implications of working in such an industry… There are some guys doing some really cool stuff in mobile online pokies though like these guys:

In any case, I don’t have much to report.  I’m working hard and will finish soon, hopefully.