Earth Tower Defense

An exciting tower defense featuring lots of enemies and 30 levels.  With special powers to unlock and the ability to submit your score, this is a game with a ton of content.

Earth Tower Defense is simple, addicting, and CHALLENGING.

Make Earth Tower Defense your next favorite tower defense game.

Place units to defend your base.

Upgrade units to become super powerful.

Defeat the evil Centoids.

Upgrade your skills and abilities.


Version 1.2
– fixed the last level. Now, you can beat the game.
– made the first cannon less strong.
– you can now skip past the counting score by left clicking anywhere.

Version 1.3
– soul4hdwn identified a major bug (taking damage randomly). Thanks a lot buddy.

Version 1.4
– fixed the skill reset bug. You shouldn’t be able to gain extra abilities by resetting your skills anymore.