Mission Statement:

To create innovative, thought provoking entertainment that pushes the boundaries of what is currently in existence.

Who Are We:

We are a group of young professionals who got tired of trying to live the corporate life. Since we met during work, our dream was to get out of the rat race and do something creative.

Jr. Jellybeans is the result of that dream.

Where Are We:

We are in Austin, Texas. Our approximate address is to the North, close to Plugerville, Texas.


Lastly a big shout out to our largest sponsor onlinepokiesaustralia.com.au these guys not only helped us financially, but they also provided testing servers and test environments for us along the way. Online pokies is an Australian based company that develops pokie games and are one of the best at it might add. Check them out.

Where would we be without IGN. The administrator who were kind enough to promote us and give us a dedicated section in the forums was probably the biggest contributor to our ongoing success, so a huge thank you here aswell.